Understanding our business

"Translation is a business in its own right.

Buying a translation service, without being qualified to do so, can prove to be hazardous at a time when translation is sold more like a consumer product per kilo rather than the provision of a service. Above all translation must be a task for professionals, which unfortunately is not always the case. A quality translation implies respect for certain rules by the professional translator.

A translator always works into his or her mother tongue

"Mastery of a language's nuances and subtleties is essential."

The translation of a document from French to English will be entrusted to a native English speaker. Deviating from this rule creates certain risks: clumsy or wrong transposition of the document's nuances and subtleties, mistranslation. As each country has its own culture, only native speakers of a language are in a position to master it in its written form.

A translator must know his/her subject

This rule is all the more relevant when the technical level of the document to be translated is high. Translation does not consist of just translating words, but of transposing a meaning without betraying the original text and its purpose. The clarity and flow of a translated document are proof that the translator knows his/her subject.

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