Our values

Because translation is a specialist business, Au Fil de la Plume® relies on a network of about fifteen professional translators, working exclusively in their mother tongue. It is essential that translators are faithful to the original document, understand the author's words, and the meaning and weight given to them, so that once translated, the document becomes accessible and benefits everyone.

For Patricia LINTY and her team, translation is an alchemy somewhere between Art and Technique. The Art of words and their true meaning, Technique being at the heart of Au Fil de la Plume®'s business"

Our services

  • Translation +

    Invention patents Pharmacology Medicine Genetics Chemistry biochemistry Optics Editorial Medical equipment Legal Read More
  • Certified translation +

    Documents issued by a government authority Documents issued by administrative authorities Documents issued by an authorised professional person Letters or Read More
  • Terminology database and documentary research +

    Multi or single language glossaries based around a central theme Customized glossaries Textual research based around a theme Read More
  • Liaison interpreting +

    Interpreting in an informal context between two companies Provision of an interpreter on-site (in France and certain European countries) Read More
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