The right way to choose a translator

The world of translation is divided into three: :The World of Translation translators, translator networks or translation companies and finally translation agencies. In the same way that you wouldn't consult a general practitioner to have your wisdom teeth taken out, your professional documents must be translated by an expert in the field concerned. The following tables will help you determine your need more clearly and therefore choose the right contractor or the right formula.

Table 2:  Level of quality required depending on the purpose of your document

Target public
Intended objective
Level 1
Internal, staff
Knowledge of the content only (group internal memo...).
Level 2
Internal distribution with typing errors tolerated but full restitution of the contents required (draft contract involving several departments in the same group, internal training of sales and technical staff...).
Level 3
General external, administrative and international bodies...
Publication for the attention of clients, investors... (sales brochures, websites, commercial contracts, financial reports, defence statements, synopses, product specifications...).
Level 4
External, medical and financial authorities, ethics committees...
Official documents with legal and financial implications (medical study protocols...).